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What is Intuitive Eating, anyway?

Before we dive into a definition, let’s take a look at what most of us are used to.

This is what dieting looks like…

Does any of this look familiar?

Now, I’d like you to imagine this…

  • being able to eat the foods you love & still lose weight
  • having a steady flow of energy all day, every day (most of us don’t even remember what that feels like!)
  • no longer counting calories, carbs, or fat grams – and no more weighing or measuring your food
  • freeing yourself from the obsession with food, so you can finally make peace with your body
  • no longer experiencing guilt or shame over what you eat or how you look

….And ending the Diet Deprivation Backlash cycle once and for all.

This is what Intuitive Eating* can do for you.

It’s the missing link between losing weight, and then keeping it off for good.

Because here’s the that no one (including the dieting industry) ever talks about…

Dieting is the #1 cause of the so-called obesity epidemic.

Diets have a 95% failure rate.

Because they only address the symptoms of overeating (weight gain, for example). But they never touch on the causes of overeating.

With a diet, you let the diet tell you what to eat & when to eat. (“Eat this, not that, and definitely not that.”)

That’s it.

You end up relying on willpower to get you through it & resist your favorite temptations. We tell ourselves we’re going to stick with it this time. We just need more discipline.

But in almost all cases, willpower doesn’t last long.

Deprivation kicks in, which leads to overeating & even more weight gain.

So diets not only set you up to fail – they also force you to take responsibility for failed attempts. It’s like an attack on your moral character, on your worth as a person.

I don’t know about you, but I have a problem with that.

Because you’re not a failure if you break a diet. You’re just following your biology. Your brain knows when you’re hungry, and its #1 job is to keep you safe. So it will do everything it can to get you to eat. It’s not a weakness or even a “problem.”

Which means...

Willpower is NOT the solution.

And neither is exercise that feels like you’re trying to beat your body into submission. (“You WILL stay on this treadmill until you burn those calories from that cake!” In that case, exercise is a punishment.)

That’s where Intuitive Eating comes in.

The Intuitive Eating approach teaches you how to eat based on physical hunger – instead of outside reasons such as stress, time, your schedule, and other emotional triggers.

You drop the judgment, guilt & shame around your eating and your body, and you learn to listen to your body (and to finally trust it again).

You become aware of your own inner wisdom & your body’s guidance in choosing food that not only satisfies you, but also nourishes you. Eating becomes enjoyable as you learn to ground yourself in the present moment with each meal.

Whether you identify yourself as…

  • a chronic dieter
  • an emotional overeater
  • or simply someone who would like to improve your overall health…

… Intuitive Eating* can help you achieve & effortlessly maintain your natural body weight

(without deprivation, guilt or obsession over food).

Curious about how YOU can get started with Intuitive Eating*?

Take a look at my Intuitive Eating & Mindfulness Coaching Programs here.

* “Intuitive Eating” is a term created by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD and Elyse Resch, MS, RD in their book of the same name. Much of the approach used by Gillian Hood and Healthier Outcomes for coaching and other products and services is based on the Intuitive Eating book, as well as other non-diet approaches and additional professional and personal experiences.