It’s OK to Play With Your Food… This Way

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One thing I love about the internet is how it has become a showcase for creative people to share their work with the world. There are many artists we’d never discover if the internet didn’t exist.

Case in point is Helga Stentzel. The other day I found myself on the website called Bored Panda, and her cute food creations caught my attention. She is so creative! She takes food and turns it into a work of art. I would love to see the possibilities for transforming an everyday object into something amazing, it’s an exciting talent!

Here’s one of my favorites from those shown on Bored Panda:

elephant made from a banana

I don’t think I could eat this one after she turned it into a bird. It’s too pretty!

red bell pepper transformed into a bird

Now I love snowmen – the majority of my Christmas decorations are snowmen. But this pasta snowman (?) is extremely cute. I wonder if I could get her to decorate my house for Christmas?

pasta man

Who wouldn’t love to eat a nice green clump of… gummy bears? This is a sure-fire way of getting kids more interested in grapes, too!

gummy bear grapes

I’m not much of a tea drinker, but this guy is pretty cute…

tea bag

This is so adorable, I don’t know if I’ll ever see walnuts the same way again.

walnut bear

I love how well-matched the lego is with the corn! I’m glad corn kernels don’t usually have faces… I’d have to stop eating corn!

corn lego

If you’re like me and can’t get enough of Helga’s work, you can see the article on Bored Panda here:

Take a look at her Instagram account, too. She’s got tons of pictures and several fun videos. You could be there all day, so make sure you have the time before clicking over there!


Click Here to Save & Download This Post as a PDF File!

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