How would your life change if you could
stop fighting with your body?

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You're here because:

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  • You spend so much time and energy obsessing over food (and your weight), it feels like life is one big struggle for control. You want that time and energy BACK.
  • You've been on just about every diet out there. Some worked for a bit. Others were just plain miserable from the start. But you're sick and tired of it.
  • You're tired of the guilt and shame. You just want peace with food, and you want to love your body (but sometimes even wonder if that's possible). 
  • And you're exhausted from doing the same thing over and over again when the only lasting results you get are feeling disgusted with yourself and actually gaining MORE weight with each abandoned diet.

But most of all...

You're sick and tired of putting your life on hold, waiting until you hit your elusive "goal weight" and have your "perfect body."

I get it. I've been there (for a large part of my life, actually).

And I'm here to tell you -- it doesn't have to be this way.

Here's the thing I discovered...

If you just focus on your weight and try to beat your body into submission through dieting and exercise, all you're actually doing is fighting your body.

And if you're fighting your body, you will always struggle with your weight, your eating, and your energy.

But when you align your mind and body so they work in partnership, that's when real, lasting change happens... and weight loss becomes a natural side effect of this alignment.

I'm Gillian Hood, and I help women (who are sick and tired of obsessing over food and dieting) to make peace with food and their bodies.

Through my Intuitive Eating & Mindfulness Coaching Programs, you learn to reunite your mind and body, and to allow your metabolism to heal. Because all that dieting you've been doing wreaks havoc on your body and its natural ability to give you cues around hunger, fullness, and cravings.

The result is discovering (and maintaining) your natural weight with minimal effort -- which gives you more time and energy (and freedom!) to enjoy your life and pursue your bigger dreams.

“From dieting & binging to listening to my body & enjoying food.”

"For so many years I have had weight loss, dieting and food on my mind constantly. It felt like a never ending battle.

When I first contacted Gillian, I was hesitant to give up dieting, I was terrified of what the results may be. The intuitive eating process is now finally giving me the freedom to start living life. My days and moods are no longer centered around and I am able to think about other areas of my life. Gillian really helped guide me from dieting and binging to being able to listen to my body and enjoy my food without guilt."

- Laura Economos

Ready to make peace with food and your body?

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“I’m sorry I didn’t talk to her sooner.”

"When I started working with Gillian, I felt terrible about my body. I would beat myself up about every little slip. Each time I weighed myself or looked in the mirror, I would feel awful.

Gillian taught me how to love and care for my body. She taught me that I am not a bad person because I am overweight. I learned how to enjoy life now and not be a prisoner in my body. I feel much better about my weight now than I ever have, and I feel much healthier and freer now that weight is less of an issue for me. I believe Gillian is really helping women to become their best and live up to their potential. I’m sorry I didn't talk to her sooner. I feel like I am finally being my own best friend."

– Wendy K.          

Get your time and energy back.